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Who is Myra Levine?

Myra LevineMyra is a speaker who uses stories and humor to shed light on the human condition. She’s rarely politically correct, which is how she helps audiences deal with stress — by finding the funny side of tough situations.


She’s also a novelist and author of Revenge of the Soccer Moms (4.9 stars on Amazon.)


When Myra talks to business audiences, she draws on two decades as an entrepreneur, holding the record for consecutive years in business without making a profit. When she talks to parents, she gives them hope. If she can raise kids, anybody can do it. That goes for marriage, too.


Myra’s other areas of expertise include: living with aging parents with Alzheimer’s, running a PTO, Empty Nest Syndrome for Dummies, HOA Board membership for fun and profit, and the magical healing powers of anti-depressants.

Myra Speaks: Laugh and Learn About presentations

I was a Better Parent Before I had Kids
Every parent will appreciate Myra’s stories about raising two adopted kids who couldn’t be more different, and doing things she swore she’d never do. Yes, mistakes were made.

How to Run a Business into the Ground
If you own a business or work for one, you’ll relate to this true story of business success and failure and tough lessons learned along the way. Spoiler Alert: it’s funnier than it sounds.

Being the Pickle in the Sandwich Generation
A Baby Boomer’s worst nightmare:  What to do when you find yourself in charge of a multi-generation home with your mother (frontal lobe dementia), mother-in-law (Alzheimer’s), two young children, and a husband. A tale of hope, redemption, and pharmaceuticals.

Not Jewish Enough for Prime Time
When you’re a member of The Tribe, raised on bacon and peanut butter sandwiches in a Catholic suburb of Chicago, it’s tough to fit in with the Jewish preschool mommies. Got guilt?

The Cranky Woman’s Guide to Marital Success
Married? Engaged? No prospects? Myra, single until age 41, will share the secrets of marital success. Note that Myra’s husband is not allowed to attend these talks…he’s better off not knowing.

Why Myra?

  • She’s a natural-born storyteller, and most of her stories are 97% true.
  • It’s easier to learn something if it also makes you laugh.
  • Tell her what your audience needs, and she’ll deliver!

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  • When it comes to storytelling with a sense of relatable humor, Myra Levine is at the top of her game. Myra has the ability to connect with her audience in a way that takes you from your head to your heart.  Her Uncanny timing and sense of humor hits you right we all need it – Sit back and enjoy who I consider to be one of America’s soon to be most requested standup storytellers.

    -- Ron Sukenick, author and speaker at Relationship Strategies Institute

Upcoming Speaking Events

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    Topic: How to become a published author

    Bloomington Book Club One, 800 N Bell Trace Cir, Bloomington

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Myra Writes: Revenge of the Soccer Moms

Myra Levine here. Revenge of the Soccer Moms is my first published novel. It’s a dark comedy about a group of playgroup moms who get ticked off about what’s happening in their perfect suburban neighborhood, and become secret vigilantes. Things go horribly wrong, and their activities are exposed to the entire world, thanks to 24-hour news cycles.

Revenge of the Soccer Moms will make you laugh – my original intention – but it raises a few serious questions, too, about marriage, the secrets we keep from our closest friends, and whether a parent can go too far in protecting a child.

At some point, you’ll wonder why there’s no soccer in the book – not even a single well-aimed ball to the head. Keep reading. It’s in there.

  • “The author has a way of hilariously exposing our feelings about life. You will meet people you know and recognize situations in your every day existence, and you will laugh. I’m looking forward to the next book.”

    -- Linda Thornton
  • “Such a funny book, couldn’t put the book down. Myra is such a creative writer, imagination, insight, she can take an every day moment and see the humorous side. Highly recommend this book. Can’t wait for the next one.”

    -- Joyce Callahan
  • “Loved the book! It could be any neighborhood in any suburb. I hope M. Levine continues her passion for writing to entertain all of the women and men who are or were Stay at home Moms.”

    -- Alfred C.

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